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Missing nut

[Today’s run: 5.5 miles in Starkville]

To update on a recently discussed topic: My neighbor says that his CB radio is working much better now.

I had a good day.

We learned yesterday that our #1 Daughter went in unexpectedly to deliver her child. So now we have a granddaughter. That’s pretty cool. We heard more from them today and got more pictures.

This morning I went to running group in Starkville. Bonnie was there along with Betty and a good contingent of the Starkville residents. I ran mostly with Dave and we had a good conversation. When Bonnie saw me this morning she said, Good Morning Mr. Wal-Mart. And now I know she is on that local Columbus, MS group on Facebook where I make my weekly Wal-Mart report. She was trying to explain to the others what this meant and I was laughing at her struggles. She told them I write about my trips to Wal-Mart and they looked at her like this was not the kind of thing they would find good reading! Bless her heart. She’s a very nice lady.

I got home from running and loafed around a little while.

Then I unpacked the box containing the sound card for the new radio station server. I had ordered off of EBay the same kind that we are using in the present server. It is old technology but it works and I was wanting to just shift over. Unfortunately, today I learned that the slots in the old server are PCI and the slots in the new server are PCI-E and they are not compatible. So I’m going to have to come up with a new solution for the new server.

My trip to the radio shed brought to light that we are under the annual attack of lady bugs. So I got out my new gallon jug of house guard bug spray and went around the outside foundation of the house and radio shed, and inside the radio shed and inside our garage. That should help with not only the lady bugs but winter spiders and other bugs seeking warm digs.

I was spraying the walls and ceiling in the radio shed. If my face melts off overnight that is probably why.

I got a message on Facebook that a lady wanted the old porch posts that I had advertised available for free on FB Marketplace. So I threw them in the back of the old pickup and we met at the Tractor Supply and that was one job completed!

I stopped and picked up some chicken strips for lunch on the way home.

After lunch I finally decided to look and see if my passenger-side front shock absorber in the truck was ok. It was not. Somehow the top nut, washer and bushing had come off and the shock was not even poking through the correct hole! I have no one to blame but myself because I installed that bad boy. I looked in my junk box but could not find replacement parts. I had kept the old shocks for quite awhile and possibly I could have harvested the needed bits. But I cleaned them out a month ago, threw it all away. I went to the auto parts store and bought another of the same shock and installed it.

Then I went for a drive and I could tell it was much improved. Our roads are pretty bouncy around here.

This evening I worked on the new radio station server. I had started this before but ran into a problem copying my database over from the old server. This is a task that I will need to perform more than once, so I need to put together a recipe. On the actual day we switch over I will want it to be all sorted out so I can just run through the recipe and have the latest stuff on the new machine.

I had been getting some errors in database translation and I worked through those this evening. The source code for the program that was failing is available. I was able to find where in the code was producing the error message I saw. And from that I could tell what it was trying to accomplish. The underlying problem was that a couple of records in my database had some bad data. I got past the issue by deleting those records. I will test things out, but I think that should solve my problem.

So that was kind of gratifying to figure it out.

To finish the day, I’m lying in bed typing this up.

I hope we can make it to church tomorrow. We’ve been in a pattern of missing every other week because of illness. We had some doctor appointments this week and have plans for various tests and things. So maybe we can get past this rough spot and get back to our normal routine.