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Wal-Mart report

[Monday’s run: 3.2 miles; today’s run: 3.2 miles]

For the last few months our local Wal-Mart has been under remodeling. They are doing all of the work while also keeping the store open. I guess they must do the work at night, but I have not tried to verify that.

They have redone the floors, rearranged the grocery section and most of the other sections. The bakery, the pharmacy, the customer service counter, the bathrooms and the milk cooler are still in the same places. But a lot of other stuff has moved around.

They’ve gone in pretty big on the self-checkout. And that has been an adjustment.

A few weeks ago I was unhappy about the checkout situation, so I started posting a weekly Wal-Mart trip report to a local area group on Facebook.

Somehow that has become popular. I’m not sure why. But it has had the benefit of giving people a place to let off steam. And recently they’ve also mentioned the things they like about the new arrangement.

There are still a few things yet to be done. One is the creation of a pick-up door and a place to store stuff that people are coming to pick up. They are working on that.

But overall, the place is looking much better than it was. And the self-checkout is starting to settle in. They’ve been working harder to have all of the lanes open and have enough people around to help when customers get in a jam with double scanning or whatever.

Another thing happening is that I’ve been working on the server replacement for the radio station. I just received the sound card, a replica of what we are using in the existing server. I need to get that installed.

I took one shot at transferring the Rivendell database to the new machine and it was a bust. But I have gotten some advice on how to fix that, which I hope to put to the test this weekend if not before.

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I’ve been to a couple of Wal-Marts over the years and observed the check out clerks are the exact opposite of the ones at Costco. At Costco they really hustle. I’m thinking the hustle culture is a huge win, even if the pay rate is higher. There is higher throughput and the customers think they are getting out faster, even if there are fewer open registers and lines are long.

Personally, I am snooty about big box retail but somehow Costco is an exception. I love Costco. And Costco is enormous.

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