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Posted by w0ep on September 1, 2019 at 1:47 pm

[To be honest, I don’t remember it all. Saturday 8/31: 7.5 miles on Heritage Trail near Graf, IA; Thursday 8/29 2 miles with Chester; Tuesday 27th 4 miles on S. Grandview; Saturday 8/24 I think 3 miles with Chester]

My blog is steadily slipping. Sorry about that. My goal when I started was to use the blog and my running to reinforce each other. But I’ve been slowly disconnecting the two in the last few months and the blog has been lagging pretty badly since we moved to Iowa in July. Well, I’ll see if I can do better.

We just got home from Hy-Vee having had our after-church lunch and done a little grocery shopping. I think for now we are laying off of Wal-Mart for groceries. Our last trip went OK until we discovered they had no full service check-out lanes in operation, it was self service or bust. So last week we went to Hy-Vee and again this week. I don’t know if we will stay in this pattern but we are in it for awhile.

My wife pointed out that they have AE Dairy chip dips at the Hy-Vee. They don’t have AE milk or cottage cheese. We are about 4 hours away from Des Moines (3-4) where AE Dairy is.

In other food news, we have made the trip to Cuba City, Wisconsin a few times since we moved here. There is a “factory outlet” cheese store in Cuba City. And there is also an impressive meat market. Good food.

I had a cold earlier this week. I went to work anyway. I don’t have a lot of vacation accrued and they tell me I’ll need some to spend during the winter factory shutdown. So I drank a lot of hot tea and hot water and tried not to sneeze on anybody.

Work is going well. I’d doing graphics user-interface programming in C++, which is a bit off of my beaten path but interesting. I also have done a little bit of arduino work. I hope there will be more of that. We are getting ready for a show-and-tell in early October, so there is a bit of a push happening.

Our green van is in the shop, has been for more than a week now. It has been giving me trouble starting. It cranks like crazy but doesn’t fire. I finally got stranded at the work parking lot on Thursday (8/22), got it started later that evening and drove it to a recommended repair shop. I spoke to the shop during the week and they said they are still trying to figure out the problem. So we are down to one car for now. Work is only about 10 minutes away, so wife has taken me to the office on the days she needed the car.

Our house in Mississippi is getting a bit of a face-lift. The young man who will be renting it has had the interior painted and is now getting the floors done. My wife was asking me why we didn’t do any of that while we lived there. She was always wanting hard-wood flooring. (We had this conversation often) One issue was having a 230 lb dog and what that would do to the flooring. The second was, frankly, the expense. I was seeing a $5k expenditure that I would have had to put on the credit cards or something. So it never happened. In this new situation I can afford to be a bit more flexible because it will either a) be paid for in rent or b) be paid for in purchase price. I’m glad it is being done. And who knows, maybe we aren’t done with that house yet.

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