Ham Radio

Ham radio thoughts

[Today combination run/walk: 5.1 miles]

I’ve been reading about the current solar storm, people seeing northern lights that don’t usually get the chance.

One thing that means is that radio signals are more able to bounce off of the energized layers of the atmosphere and go around the world.

But I don’t have any kind of radio station set up. We’ve been here two years and I just haven’t gotten in accomplished.

My hearing problems and not being able to do Morse code really have me in a funk about radio and that makes me sad. We are at a solar activity maximum and this would be the time to be on.

Maybe I’m just past that. I guess we will see.

I still am amazed by the ability to send very small electromagnetic signals over long distances. And something like Morse code, the patterned stop/start of a specific frequency of sine wave, is easily generated and easily received. It is possible to get through with even less signal power using various forms of computerized encoding and decoding, but those modulation methods require a lot more equipment.