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[Yesterday’s run: 3 miles with pup]

I was out mowing the grass on Saturday and saw that we have two man-holes in our front sidewalk which are labeled “IMON COMM”.

I did some googling and discovered that IMON refers to an internet service provider who sells fiber optic access in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and to businesses here in Dubuque.

At the same time I ran into something on CenturyLink which had me a bit unhappy: I couldn’t get to my own website. They have a “search” engine which is “helpful” when it thinks you typed something in wrong or when their network drops connection to some part of the internet but giving vapid suggestions about what you really meant. So I couldn’t get to my own site and it was throwing me instead into their yuck page.

I contacted and asked about their business service. I couldn’t get anyone to tell me their pricing, all they will say is that they may roll out residential service in 2020.

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