..another bit


I forgot to put this part in yesterday’s entry.

There was a movie in the 90’s (I think) called Momento, which was about a guy with short term memory loss. He couldn’t remember anything for more than a few minutes. So he lived from day to day by making notes for himself. He had polaroid photos of things and of people and he would write on them. Also he had tattoos. At one point in the movie he knew something was false but he wrote it down. Effectively he lied to his future self. And that had consequences in the movie… he said, “this guy is the killer, kill him” and later he killed him. So he made himself a hit man for somebody he didn’t like.

When contemplating the “sweet path” and the “unsweet path” of memory loss, his building that trap for his future self seems to me to be a prime example of the unsweet path. How to avoid it? Don’t write that kind of stuff down.

My wife gets frustrated with me, both recently and in that past, that I don’t want to hear bad things about people, particularly people that I know I will want to have a good relationship with later. She is right that I stick my head in the sand to a degree.

Some of the sweet path is to leave that kind of stuff out of the story, because I don’t have the capacity for grace that Jesus has.

I’ve switched up a bit, from the guy who lied to his future self to a guy not telling the truth to his future self. (what??) My main point is to avoid putting potholes in the road unnecessarily. It makes a difference what you write in your memory.