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Revisiting the solar eclipse

[Today’s run: 3.2 miles]

I had posted before that I was interested in taking the trip, approximately 4 hours each way, to experience the full eclipse next week. My attempt to secure some kind of lodging was a fail. I found a loose Airbnb, but the offering party did not respond to my attempts to book it.

There were plenty of “camp in my back yard” opportunities, all expensive.

I also have an issue in that my bank of time off has withered away due to sickness in February and some other events. So I think it will be unlikely that I take the day off to drive over into Arkansas to see the eclipse.

I’m a little bit sad about that, but not excessively so.

I can’t think of any big accomplishments here. I’m a bit stuck on the radio station server update. I need to get back into that issue.

I haven’t gone any farther with my ham radio antenna situation. I strung the wire up but it is not high enough and have some tower sections for a central support but I’ve done nothing toward digging a base. I’m not even sure exactly where I want it.

I need to build shelves in the new shed so that I can start moving boxes and stuff out of the garage and storage unit. That is probably the highest priority project at the moment.

Chester Dog and I took a ride in the Aerostar this evening. I’ve been using it some recently. It starts right up and the engine runs great. Shifting is still an issue. I think the April project on that front will be a transmission service at a shop to be determined.

We’re still in the nicer weather. The trees are all leafing out. Wisteria season has come and gone already. The grass is kind of dry.

We both had recent medical appointments. Mrs. Howard may have both tachycardia and afib, which they are going to determine by having her wear a stick on heart monitor for a month. The last time she did this she had allergic reactions to the sticky tape. They do have a hypoallergenic tape. So, we hope that will yield the needed data and then the heart specialist can decide what treatment is appropriate. She is reduced to walking instead of running, but still plans to do an ultra event in April down near Jackson. And she has signed up for a December marathon in Hawaii. She was really excited by the recent record breaking six day run by Camile Harron and then the first female finisher, Jasmin Paris, in the Barkley Marathons (along with four men for a record number of finishers).

I have not bought anything online recently. I had set myself up to participate in a property tax sale in the next county, but I missed the event by not paying enough attention. So they will be refunding my deposit and I can try a different auction later. I’m actually happy tinkering with the Aerostar project and not in a hurry to buy anything else to drag home until that gets a little further along.

We are planning a late May trip to Colorado, flying out of Memphis again. I don’t know when I might next go to Iowa.