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Odds and ends

[today’s run: 3.2 miles]

Our reservation request at the air bnb in rural Arkansas for the eclipse was ignored and it expired. I think the person running that offer must have lost her airbnb website password or something. I’m not sure what we are going to do about that. I’ll come back around to it in a week or so.

I think we are pretty much over our bout with Covid. I can’t say if the vacinations or multiple boosters were of any use. Maybe they kept us from catching it at other times over the years.

We have had to wave off the house keepers for about the last month. I’m looking forward to them coming in again. We aren’t overwhelmed with mess, but it is just nice when they have everything tidy at one point in time.

I have not had any other success with the Aerostar. It does start right up and it goes down the road. The transmission shifts funny: it seems like every shift point is a new experience. But I don’t get the feeling it is in pain or anything like that, no terrible noises or anything. It just takes its own time in figuring out what to do.

I listened a bit to the winter QRP fox hunt last night. That was kind of fun. I don’t know if it aggravated my hearing problems. Possibly it did. I seem to have more ringing this evening than usual. I wasn’t really concentrating hard, I just had it on and was listening.

I’ve been enjoying a new find on youtube. A pastor at a Christian Reformed church in California named Paul VanderKlay. He does a lot of videos. He seems to be kind of the hub of some activity that I find interesting.

This weekend will be my fourth trip to the Carl Touchstone ultra race south of Laurel, MS. This year is different because it is the first time I will be running myself. I’m supposed to do 20k. I’ve been doing my normal 3-5 mile stuff, so that’s roughly a fourth to a half of the race distance. But I have a long time to get it done. So the theory is that I can crawl to the end and make a finish.