More of pretty much nothing

[No running, although I’m starting to think about it]

I started off today with an email to the boss(s) telling them I am sick and unable to work. And I didn’t work at all, all day. I thought about my current assignment a little bit, but I didn’t fire up the computer. I believe I have 16 hours of PTO in my bank at the moment. If I go farther into it I can make it up by the end of the quarter.

Toward the end of the day I actually started to feel a little better. Maybe that will continue tomorrow.

We are still eating on the food delivered to us by #1 Son. I’ve been knocking out the chili and cornbread. Good stuff. And in the evening today we split a serving of ziti zapped in the microwave. We are also making a serious dent in the supply of popsicles.

We’ve been watching movies and shows on the TV. Today was Mystery Men. Yesterday was Harry Potter #7B, finishing off a lackadaisical replay of the series. I liked the first movies the best. The apocalyptic angle of the last 3 (? 4) is just not very fun in my opinion. I’m glad they defeated the bad guy. But there was kind of a winsome quality up to the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. I like happy endings, what can I say.

One more thing… the Harry Potter universe seems arbitrary to me. Some things they can do with magic and some they can’t. They have an evil killing spell which the good guys don’t use, but in the big shootout some of the bad guys die, so like how did that happen? It’s not like they were Yoda jedi-dropping an anvil on their head. I don’t understand. I did read the books long ago and they are captivating. I really enjoyed breaking the dragon out of the cellar of the bank both in the book and in the movie.

We started a new detective series this evening called Hjerson. It has subtitles which is handy because neither of us can hear very well right now. I looked up the spelling of the name just now and I see there was only one season. So… maybe it didn’t take off.

Some of these detective shows really go too fast trying to impress and after 7-8 episodes they are already talking about the detective’s mother-in-law getting kidnapped and the police commissioner’s heavy drinking. Dudes! I want mysteries not Payton Place.

I’m hoping Hjerson doesn’t fall into that trap.

Back to Mystery Men, it’s a Ben Stiller movie and fairly interesting. I did note one thing. They did a close-up shot of Louise Lasser who played the Blue Raja’s mother. It’s when he is stealing more of the silverware in order to fight the main evil guy. This lady was 60 or close to it at the time the movie was made. Anyway, the lighting and makeup and everything, they had it set up like a beauty shot and it really worked well.

I’ve been battling a nagging tickle and cough. I discovered if I make a growl with my vocal chords when I exhale it stimulates them enough that I don’t cough. Fortunately no one around here cares that I am making noises.

But it did kind of remind me of my mother who also has bad hearing. She will do things like that. I understand completely.

I remember the family that I rode with to school in eighth grade. Their dad was the driver and he would make strange noises while he drove. I don’t know if he had a hearing problem. Or maybe he had mild Tourette’s or something.

I’m much more understanding about people being kind of strange since I became a strange person myself.