Cheap plastic reading glasses

[This evening’s run: 3.24]

I started wearing contacts about 5 years ago. And at that time I also started using reading glasses. I have some mild ones for computer work and some slightly stronger for reading.

Well, this last time I went to the optometrist she decided that my contacts needed to be slightly different. So my strong readers are just a bit too strong.

I had been buying 2.0 for strong and 1.5 for mild. But now the 1.5s work for strong and 1.25 for mild.

I have a whole bunch of reading glasses spread all over the house.

The really cheap ones I get from iGoG and they come in three packs for about 12 dollars. And I also like these from icu which are $12 each.

Having watched all of the Harry Potter movies, we are now doing the Lord of the Rings movies. We finished Two Towers this evening.