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Construction cranes

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[Today’s run: 6 miles]

I went for a run today, the first in over a week.  I really enjoyed it.  I went north from our hotel to the Potsdamer Platz and then into the Tiergarten  (park).  I angled up to Strase 17 Juni and then went west to the end of the park.  I then crossed over and came back on the north side of the street to near the Brandenburg Gate and then south to Potsdamer Platz and on south to home.  Gmap Pedometer says that is just over 6 miles.

Later we walked back up to Potsdamer Platz and walked through a shopping mall.  They have a 25th Anniversary of Reunification display going on. It was very interesting.  Much of the area from the Potsdamer Platz to the east was an open field and the Berlin Wall came through that area.  After the wall came down in 1989 and reunification in 1990, they started a building program.  Now it is full of buildings and shops.

The wall was put up in 1961, so that means some of the center of the city was still flattened from WW2 and had not been rebuilt in the 14 years subsequent, or at least not on the East Germany side.

And the building is still going on, or seems to be.  From our 6th story hotel room, facing north, we can see 12 of the large, orange “T” shaped construction cranes.  I am sure there are others that are not in our view.  Lots of things going on.


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Sep 28, 2015
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