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Making pergola progress

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[today’s run: 3.5 miles – hot!]

Over the last few days we have been working on our pergola.  Here is a picture of the progress.

As you can see, we have a small patio slab.  Now we have three post bases built.  That stake at the far end shows where post base #4 is supposed to go.  We are using sono-tube form for all except one.

We are going about it this way because we have some cedar posts which we would like to use.  But they are a bit short for what we need.  So we make our bases a bit higher.  These things are 10′ apart.

The plan is to have another row of 4 posts about 9 feet further from the house.  For those we will use regular treated 4×4 posts and have about 3 feet in the ground.  That will provide some lateral support.  Then we will build beam/joist structure above head height which will eventually have some wisteria or other growy shading stuff on it.  Our goal is to make shade.

We have not yet decided what to do about the walking surface.  Some of this grass is doomed to be in the shade and that probably won’t work.  We also have a bit of elevation change in the picture.  I don’t know if we will build a deck-ish extension of the patio, put in more concrete, or do something else like stonework.

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Jul 31, 2012
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