When COVID 19 Hits At Home

We’ve all been on edge with the Covid19 stuff.  Wear a mask.  Self isolate.  Social distance.  We’ve all been chatting about it yet for the most part, very few of us had found it close to home.  That was the case for MFH (My Favorite Husband) and myself as well!  That is until we got a phone call from #1 Son.

Mom, I’m really not feeling great.

My ears perked up and I asked all the “Mom questions” we as mom’s ask, trying to decide if this was big or if it was “just a cold.”  I was assured it was nothing major, but I was on edge and listening closely during our phone conversations to determine how he was feeling.

A week later, I got another phone call with #1 Son admitting he wasn’t feeling well at all and had called about getting tested.  They told him to get there pronto!  He asked if I could come down to help a little while because he knew things were not amazing.

It was COVID19.

I drove down starting that same day.  I was one a mission!!!  My kid was sick and my job was to make him better!  I mean, isn’t that what we as mom’s do!?!

When he was little and had a tummy bug, it was Popsicles to the rescue.  I couldn’t get either one of my kids to drink anything when they had tummy bugs but for some reason a red Popsicle, going down and/or coming back up was a miracle worker!  We’d laugh (TMI) if the red would come up out of the nose….it was a weird little thing that we had found that made the “icky tummy” easier to tolerate AND it kept them hydrated. Gross, I know but very helpful with little ones!

A red Popsicle wasn’t going to fix this problem and I felt at a complete loss BUT I would go down there and do my absolute best to make the situation as easy as possible.

The trip from MFH’s and my new place down to #1 Son’s place is a 2 day drive.  Have to admit I *might* have had a bit of a lead foot on the trip down?  Shhh…that’s our little secret.

When I arrived, #1 Son came out to greet me, as did the #grandpups, Alice and Arlo.  They were soooo excited!  Of course, they didn’t understand that their “dad” was under the weather because…..Grandma was here!!!

I made a quick Walmart run for groceries and then we got down to the business of getting #1 Son well.

The first few days, things stayed the same.  Then, over the weekend things started to go south.  I was getting worried!

COVID19 really is a nasty piece of work.  It was killing me to watch #1 Son go through this and not being able to do a doggone thing about it besides keeping him hydrated (sans Popsicles), giving him Tylenol and getting him to eat. It’s a strange thing not having any tools at your disposal on a new bug!  We were improvising as we went along.

On social media, I didn’t post any pics of #1 Son.  He mostly stayed on the sofa under a pile of blankets shivering due to the fever.  The fever was fierce!  He was achy like you wouldn’t believe…very uncomfortable.

The day he mentioned that he couldn’t take deep breaths, only the top part of his lungs seemed to be working, I was absolutely terrified!!!  This was my worst fear! We started trying a little bit of breathing exercises.  Stuff designed to help keep his lungs functioning as well as possible.  I was a scared mom!!!

All the while, I was running my assigned miles on the deserted Mississippi country roads.  I wore a buff over my face if I met anybody (I didn’t). I ran the most secluded roads I could find.

The people simply weren’t out!  Everybody was staying safely tucked in their homes.  Smart!!!

I played with the #grandpups and the #grandpeeps, making sure they were fed and had all the water they needed.  We’d go out at “Cow Time” and play with the cows and the horses, a daily highlight for the grandpups.

The #grandpups would “help” me plank in the evenings.

The highlight of their day was relaxing on the futon with me in the evenings.  They loved to pig up the entire futon and save me a sliver of space for the night.  They’re so funny!!!

After that super scary 3-ish days, I saw a change in #1 Son.  I saw what I thought (and hoped) was some improvement!

The next day he said his fever had finally broken and he was starting to feel better!!!

YAY!!!  Holy Cow, I was a happy mom!!!

A few days later, once I knew for sure he was on the mend, I knew it was time to head home.  I’d been at his house almost 2 weeks.  That’s a long time to be away from MFH~probably the longest time we’ve been apart in our 35 years of marriage?

The next morning, #1 Son, Alice and Arlo helped load up the car and I started the drive north.  This time I was on a mission to get back to MFH!

Y’all know how much I love and miss Mississippi.  It was very hard to leave.  VERY hard to leave and if it wasn’t for MFH, my love being in Iowa, I probably would have stayed.

Now, I’m back with MFH and Holy Cow I missed that man!!!

#1 Son is healthy again and both MFH and I are over the moon excited about that!  I’d make that trip again in a heartbeat….hopefully not for COVID19 ever again!!!

side note:

I know a few people were concerned that I would come down with this and/or bring it home to MFH?  I never mentioned anything but after that 100M in March, both MFH and I had some mild COVID19 symptoms and I’m pretty sure(?) we’ve already had it?

Are we going to get tested?  No.  It seems silly to waste a test just to satisfy our curiosity when there are others who really need the test.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement and prayers for our son.  They were greatly appreciated!!!