Dream BIG!!!


Christmas 2017 is officially in the books.  (It was fabulous, by the way!!!)  Time now to turn our attention toward the new year.


Isn’t that crazy!?!  How do the years fly by so fast?

It’s funny, people ask me my “New Year’s Resolution” and I find I don’t have any.  I’ve never been a person to do that.  I guess I’m always afraid of falling short of my goals.

These days when people ask me this question, I answer in races.  What races do I have pending.  What races are on my #BucketList.  Those are my resolutions/goals.  Those are the things that I know with some effort on my part they just *might* be attainable!

That is exciting!

That is terrifying!

That is awesome!!!

Being a “late bloomer” in running, I know it’s never, ever too late to get started in trying to better yourself.  There’s never too much water under the bridge.

Hope!  There’s always hope!

Sure, it’ll take a while.

Sure, it would have been easier if you had started when you were younger!


It is still do~able.

Don’t sell yourself short in 2018.  Get yourself up out of that chair and walk down the end of the driveway and back a few times.  After a while, go around the block!

Buy a dog.  Walk it!

Be  creative!

Find what works for you.

6 years ago I didn’t think if could be done, either.

I was wrong.

I’m so glad I was wrong!!!

Stick with it.

You can do it!!!



2 thoughts on “Dream BIG!!!

  1. Nancy Green

    Very good post! You are never too old, too fat, too far gone, unless you say you are. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

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