This n’ That

I had a busy weekend.  Keeping busy is better than being bored, right?

To be honest, I had been looking forward to this past weekend for quite a while.  I was to be a volunteer at the MS50 Trail Run on Saturday.  This would be my first time volunteering at this race.  Normally, you would find me on the trails running this event.  Seeing how close it is to the London Marathon, I thought it would be smart to sit out running it and volunteer instead.  It would about kill me off to completely miss my favorite Mississippi Ultra!

Friday MFH (My Favorite Husband) helped me pack up the car and I headed south towards, Laurel, Mississippi.  Seeing as I had to swing through Jackson, Mississippi, on my way to Laurel, my usual 2.5 hour drive took close to 6 hours. YAY?

I arrived in Laurel with just enough time to dump my stuff off at the hotel and head over to work at packet pickup. I had a great time seeing a lot of running friends at packet pickup.



After packet pickup, I headed back to my hotel and crashed for just a few hours of “sleep.”

After about 3 hours sleep, I was in the car driving to the trails to work for the day at the S/F (start/finish) aid station. This was the site for runners drop bags and letting people grab what they needed as they started the next loop.  It was also the place where discouraged runners had a tough time heading out again, so I would be silly (not hard for me) and kick them back out on the trails.


It was a picture perfect day for running!  These runners couldn’t have asked for a better day to run.  It was 38* at gun time and I don’t think it got about 70* during the day.  For a #coldweathersissy like myself, it was a pretty rough morning.  I was following rays of sunshine all around the aid station in vain attempts to stay warm.


I knew it was going to be a chilly day so I had bundled up.  I had on a long sleeve tech shirt, a super warm hoodie from the UK and a sweet jacket that said, MS50 Volunteer.



It was probably around 1:00pm before I stopped shivering.  Told you, I’m a #coldweather sissy!!!  At one point, I was really wishing I had packed my fuzzy blanket.


See, the sweet part about traveling solo is you can set the hotel room temperature to whatever your little heart desires!



I really did keep the hotel room at 79*  It. Was. Wonderful!!!

An exciting part about  this weekend was getting to meet a fellow #IRun4Ultra Ambassador at the race.  As luck would have it, we had actually parked right next to each other.  #SmallWorld  After the race, we met up for a selfie.  He ran an amazing 50M!


It was a terrific weekend!

Sunday morning, I packed up the car and drove north towards home.  It was great to get back home to MFH and of course Paxton, too.  😉



I’m going to have to work on my packing skills before MFH and I leave for the London Marathon next month! I’m guessing TSA would frown on my packing techniques? LOL!!!

This morning, it felt great to get out and grab a few miles.  I mean it felt really(!) great!  My coach had scheduled me for descending ladders.


These are a tough workout but they are my favorite speed workout.  I don’t know if it is because of the difference in distance and pace?  Who knows. I just love them!!!  The 20mph winds we were having all day today made this regularly challenging workout a CHALLENGING workout! I decided to pretend I was a kite.



That seemed to help. Who knows why.  I think at least half of what we do as runners ends up being mind games.  What do you think?



Regardless of what we do to get the miles and hit the splits, it was a terrific training run! #LondonMarathonTraining #LaceLocker

Tomorrow’s a rest day.  Wednesday is my long run of the week.  I’m hoping for a terrific run on Wednesday! Only 47 days until I toe the line at the London Marathon!  Time to get my tail in gear!!!

April 1, I’ll be volunteering at the Columbus Pilgrimage Half Marathon.  I’m pretty excited about this, too!  This is a great little half marathon in my home town.  It’s fun to give back to the sport that has given so much to me.