Boo Pie and #1 Daughter’s First Trick-or Treating

This time of year always make me nostalgic.  It takes me back almost 30 years.  #1 Daughter was a toddler and #1 Son had just made his grand appearance into this world.

It was October, 1989.   We were living in a Chicago suburb.  MFH and I had purchased a little (and I mean little!) townhouse.  It was our first home  Our first mortgage.  We were sooo broke but we were having a great time.

#1 Daughter knew one word.  She was 19 months old and was just starting to talk.  What word did she know?


We had gone to our local library and they had a Halloween display put up.  It had the typical scarecrows, pumpkins and a few scary things as well.  I didn’t want her to be afraid of the display so we made a game of saying, “Boo!” to the scary things as we walked by.

Seemed to work!

That game, though, made her associate the word “Boo” with pumpkins because for a while  after that, whenever she saw a pumpkin, she called it a ” Boo.”

MFH and I purchased a few “Boo’s” and we made “Boo” pie.  We tried to tell #1 Daughter that a “Boo” was really called a pumpkin but she wasn’t buying it.  It was a “Boo
she would inform us quite firmly.

She was a huge fan of Boo Pie!  Loved it!!!  Funny, that.

This brings us to that first Halloween and her first time Trick-or-Treating.

Our townhouse was in a little housing association so we didn’t have to go far.  I remember that night.  It was sooo cold!  I did face paint that year.  #1 Daughter smeared hers all over the place but she still looked so doggone cute!

#1 Son wasn’t even a month old.  He had a fleece, hooded Micky Mouse zipper suit.  I bundled him up in that and put him in the wooden wagon.  I pained a little mouse nose and whiskers on his face….which he promptly smeared up, too.  Hahaha!!!

#1 Daughter had a large, plastic pumpkin (Boo) Trick-or-Treating bucket.  We set out before it got dark, #1 Daughter carrying her large “Boo” bucket and me pulling #1 Son in the wagon.

I’ll admit, she was downright scared as we walked up to that first house.  She didn’t really know what was going on.  The neighbor opened the front door.  #1 Daughter tentatively held out her “Boo” bucket and promptly said, “Boo!”

The neighbor lady immediately fell in love and announced what a sweet and  adorable little girl she was and dumped fistfuls of candy into that “Boo” bucket.  THAT’s when #1 Daughter clued in to what Trick-or-Treating was all about.  You could just see it in her eyes.  It was too funny!!!

After that first house, she walked confidently up to each house, knocked on the door and when somebody came to the door, she held out her bucket and said firmly, “Boo!”

The neighbors, one by one, melted and were overly generous to the cute little girl saying, “Boo!” at their front door.  #1 Daughter had a racket going and she knew it!

Because the temps were falling and it was just too cold to be out anymore, we reluctantly turned towards home.  Wouldn’t you know, that big bucket was full!?!

She had scored and scored big!   LOL!!!











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