…And So It Begins



My two weeks of resting after the Berlin Marathon are over.  No more playing around.  It’s time to buckle down and get to work.

100 mile training is now officially underway!!!



This is what my training is going to be looking like the next few months:

Sunday: A “short” long run.  This run will average 10-15 miles.

Monday: Usually a 10K

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: LONG long run. This week is my first long run of the training session and it will be a 20 miler.  These runs will progressively get longer.  I think(?) they max out at about 35 miles?

Thursday:  Medium long run:  This run will be 5-10 miles shorter than the long run the day before.  This week it will be 12 miles.

Friday:  Rest Day

Saturday: Short, easy run.

This is going to be some intense training.  To be able to maintain these kind of miles, I need to make sure my diet is giving me the stuff I need.

CARBS:  These are not bad things.  These are a runners best friend.  They are your fuel!  They are important.  I will be needing to eat a lot of carbs~Quality carbs. Not junk.

PROTEIN:  This is also super important.  The Protein is going to help your body repair what you are doing to it during your training.

Carbs are pretty easy to cover.  You of course have your pasta.  You can go for bread but I’m not a big bread fan.  Rice.  Peas. Corn. Potatoes…all sorts of tasty options for carbs.

Protein?  This is a sticky subject.  See, I believe in REAL food.  I’m not a fan of the protein bars and shakes or powders.  Those things are outrageously expensive!  Lean meats are great sources of protein.  Eggs are an awesome protein source…and they’re cheap!

Eggs can get boring real fast.  I need to zip up eggs no matter how I eat them.  See, if I can see the white of an egg, I gag and I can’t eat them.  NASTY!!!  I have to disguise them.



This weekend I mixed up some onions, mushrooms, fresh jalapenos and sun dried tomatoes.  I’ll scramble a few eggs (NO egg whites showing, thank you!) mix in some of this and toss in a bit of shredded cheddar…tasty stuff!  Filling, too!

That is what my life is going to be for a while.  Running and eating.

Happy Running, all!!!










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