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Server replacement

[today’s run: 3.2 miles]

The radio station server replacement project is progressing. My server has had a few glitches. Today I replaced one of the disk drives (hot swap!) and also a power supply (hot swap!). This past weekend I installed the sound card.

Right now I am copying over the library of .wav files from the external disk array as we speak. It is about 3 terabytes of stuff, 12,000+ files, and is taking a while. The new server has 10 terabytes of space for the library configured in a multi-disk array with one disk reserved as an automatic replacement if anything fails.

I need to build a db-9 to XLR pigtail which will get from the sound card to the back of the transmitter. This sound card also has something called GPIO which I can use for an external relay switch on/off from the software. I’m not yet sure if I have a use for that.

I also need to copy some scripts and files and such from the old server.

I want to test things out well. Once I go-live on the new server it will be hard to make changes because it will be doing serious work 24×7. So if there are any optional adjustments, I would be better off to sort them out before we switch over.