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Morning showers

[Today’s run: 3.2 miles]

Cool rain during my run this morning. I don’t think we got a lot of accumulation, maybe 1/10th of an inch. We have been dry this fall. The little bit that we have had recently has been enough to get some of my grass seed sprouting on the bare spots where we had the dirt pile from the driveway concrete job, and the fill around the edges of the concrete.

Some interesting recent stories in the news:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote an essay entitled Why I Am Now A Christian.
Ross Douhat had an essay in the New York Times in response.

I saw some of a youtube interview with Andrew Sullivan. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing but bits here and there. I think Andrew Sullivan is a tragic case of suffering from too much success. Apparently he is unhappy with the way the sexual revolution has gone after he got what he came for. Revolutions have a way of doing that.

Lots of stories from Israel and Gaza about the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas. It amazes me that the major news sources still quote officials in Gaza as if they have any credibility whatsoever. It reminds me of that Iraqi spokesperson who would get on television during the invasion of Iraq and say the most obviously false stuff.

I hope that Israel has quick and complete success.

I was in to see a gastroenterologist on Tuesday. They are going to peak down my throat in January coming up to see why I have swallowing trouble and frequently discomfort. I’ve had this in the past also, I had a barium swallowing study done awhile, years ago and the results were mostly “yup”.

I know that losing weight would help. I’ve noticed that, to avoid the reflux I just keep nibbling. So I eat a meal and then nibble on some crackers or something. I’m not hungry, I just am trying to remain comfortable. On the other hand, I feel fine if I skip breakfast. I’ve made it past the discomfort period and I really don’t get hungry until about 10 am. I’ve thought about trying to have a fast day once a week. Probably not the best strategy as far as weight loss goes, but it might help me to break out of the pattern I’m in. In the past when I’ve been able to just eat when I am actually hungry (a fairly rare situation) I naturally lose weight.