Blood donation

[today’s run: 3.2 miles]

I ran this morning, then had a blood donation this evening. I’m kind of tired now.

I made some progress on the radio station replacement server over the weekend. I think I have a procedure now for getting the library database copied from the current server to the new server.

Also I ordered a sound card off of ebay that should work.

I need to start copying the audio files from the disk array to the internal array in the new server.

I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to work the nuc ( I pronounce that like nook) computer as an editing station. Somehow I will need to ship the audio stream over the network.

Here’s a copy of the weekly Wal-Mart report that I posted on the local Columbus group yesterday. It has 115 likes on Facebook.

This week’s Wal-Mart report:

We had eaten lunch at Mugshots, so I drove north in front of Kroger to get to Wal-Mart following an older dodge pickup truck that was putting out some burnt-plastic smelling blue smoke. He also was going to Wal-Mart, so I followed that same truck through the double stop of Kroger and the slow-go past the pharmacy entrance at Wal-Mart. For all of that, I scored a very close parking space!

The new cart I selected was a bit wonky due to string wrapped around the left rear wheel axle. I applied my pocket knife and cut the string in multiple places. As we shopped pieces of string fell out and by the end it was rolling fine. This is why a guy needs a pocket knife.

But I’m ahead of myself. We entered and said a friendly hello to the door watcher. Just inside there was a mountain of those decorative tin buckets that usually contain popcorn.

Turning left at the pharmacy, we picked up a couple of personal-care items. Then we turned right into hardware where I got another box of “100 watt” LED lightbulbs. We are used to putting in 60s. But these LED 100s say they only use 12.5 watts. Mrs. Howard and I have decided that if “100 watt” LED bulbs really use 12.5 watts than it is ok to put them into our ceiling fan fixtures and bring a little sunshine indoors. I digress.

We then took the back-wall boulevard and looked at the nice lighted displays. I saw they have a new selection of Mississippi labeled hoodies.

Then we got to the grocery area starting in the soda pop. Ricotta cheese was secured for a batch of ziti/lasagna. I was sad to see that no milk was available in quarts or pints. I use about a pint a week on my frosted mini-wheats, so gallons are just a waste. I may have to pick something up later in the week at an alternative vendor.

We made our way through the aisles. Mrs. Howard took a picture of the frozen hog’s heads in the meat area. I don’t remember seeing those before. I told her she could buy one and put it in her enemy’s bed like in the Godfather. She started to look up recipes on her phone.

We were a little discombobulated because we started our row sweep one row off kilter; we went the opposite direction through most of the grocery area. But we found everything. I do believe they are done moving stuff. [This references the well known fact that our Wal-Mart has been remodeling for the last few months. It seems to be coming to an end. ]

I picked up some sliced deli meat. I picked up another bag of apples. We also got some potatoes, onions and cauliflower. Cauliflower is weird because each head is the same price no matter how large or small, and the same number of calories too!

We secured one of the longer self-do checkout machines and I ran the scanner gun while Mrs. Howard bagged and stowed in a 2nd cart. At the end we had some beer and the local helper had taken a break, so we snagged someone else to do the ID approval. They were very helpful. We left our original cart (with the string in the wheel, Ah! a light dawns. It was rolling fine at the end because it was a different cart!) for the next person to use as their load-out.

We exchanged a friendly Hi with the door watcher as we cruised out. They didn’t ask and I didn’t offer. [This is referencing how they sometimes want to examine our receipt. It has become my goal to avoid doing that.]