Other people’s junk

[today’s run: 3.8 miles in Starkville]

After running this morning I had an appointment at 10 am with a facebook marketplace seller. She had listed a nice 12 volt power supply for $10. I have quite a few, but for that price I couldn’t pass it up.

I was at the appointed place and we got together and they discovered that they had brought something else, not the power supply. So I followed them back to their house and got the expected item.

They are cleaning out the house, trying to sell or give away or trash a bunch of stuff and get the house on the market. Apparently an elderly woman and her son in residence had passed away in quick succession so these remaining relatives were working the task.

After that, I went to an estate sale, also packed with stuff, and bought a few LP records and a few very nice kitchen knives.

So I scored some good sales today.