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Covid round 4

[Saturday 6.5 Starkville rose garden route, Monday 3.25]

I got my run in early Monday morning because at noon we were scheduled to go to the Wal-Mart pharmacy and get our Covid #2 Booster, which we did. The rest of Monday was fine but Tuesday was pretty much a bust, laying around, trying to not just sleep all day.

Today has been better. I think I am about 75% operational. I didn’t run today though. We did take a walk to the corner and back which is a mile.

Being back in the south I am back to my southern lifestyle which includes buying stuff off of online auctions and such.

I found out late last week that I have won the competition for a 1994 Ford F-150 pickup truck. So I’m scheduled to take some time off on Friday to go and get it.

This is at least the 3rd mid-90’s Ford pickup I will have owned. And I had another that was mid-80’s. All were white with minimal interior. One was a basket case.

The one we had before we moved to Iowa I gave to my neighbor and he uses it. It is parked in his back yard. That suits me fine.

And I’m currently driving a Ford van from that era also.

A purchase I attempted to make did not take place. Last Saturday we were supposed to meet a guy about a boat and trailer. We went to his house at the appointed time and couldn’t raise anybody. Few hours later he sent me a message that he lost track of time.

Frankly I was kind of miffed to drive over an hour to get there, wait around 45 minutes, and an hour driving back and the guy not being there. He asked if I could try again on Sunday and I just wasn’t interested.

We did see the boat when we were there… maybe if he still has it later we may try again. If he can’t tell time, probably it will still be there.

You will recall we had a yellow painted rowboat which we took with us to Iowa and eventually sold it there. Now that we are back we would kind of like to do that again.