car project home repair


[Today’s run: 3.0 with the Wednesday evening group in Columbus]

I’m doing a little job for the neighbor. He has a 97 Toyota Tacoma which had been in accident. It was hit on the side of the bed. He had the bed replaced and the whole truck repainted, but the wiring for the tail lights needed sorting out.

I think I have it all fixed up but the turn signals aren’t working. And the clicker isn’t clicking and the dash lights aren’t blinking. I think maybe the clicker is dead.

On Sunday I did a bit of a road trip, visited two different home saw-mills. At one I bought 4 12′ 1×12 green cut pine boards for shelving. At the other I bought one 8′ 2×12 of red oak.

The pine is for my office. I need to replace the shelf brackets that I used to have on the wall. The renter painted over the screw holes, so I just need new brackets and the pine boards and I’m back in business.

The red oak is for a step-up between the sun room and the kitchen. It had cheap sheet flooring just swooping up the side of the kitchen concrete slab. But that has been removed. So I plan to cut the nice board into a piece of thick trim and bolt it vertical into the side of the slab. I may wait to do that until after we get the new wood flooring put in so that the new trim board can overlap the flooring and give it all a good finished look.

I am back to counting my calories on MyFitnessPal. I’m not really being aggressive about cutting back, but at least now I know where I am at. Kind of a first step. I would like to lose 15-20 pounds.