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Out of ammo

[Today’s run: 5.2 miles]

I have just recently found out about the apparently nationwide lack of common rifle and pistol ammunition. A month or so ago my son and I went to the local shooting range where I got to try out his pistol, which uses the common 9mm ammunition. I am not a prolific shooter, but I like making noise every once in awhile, as much as anyone else.

So I have been attempting to restock the ammunition that we used and have found it challenging. On a recent trip to Des Moines we stopped in Bass Pro Shop (Altoona) and they had none. We did find some at the Brownell’s near Grinnell on the return trip but there was a limited supply. Today we went to Cabellas in Prairie Du Chien and they were completely out. (We bought some other stuff.) We stopped at a handy independent sporting goods store also in PdC and they were out.

We even encountered a bit of a challenge finding 20 gauge slugs for our deer hunting a month ago.

I am told the reason for this is that during the summer many people who did not previously own guns bought one and also some ammunition for their new acquisition. I’m not sure if that is to be chalked up to the election, the pandemic or exactly what. But the situation now is empty shelves.