other thoughts


[Wednesday: 45 min on TM (3 miles); today 45 min on TM (3 miles)]

Our big event this week was the birth of our first grandchild. So we are now Grandpa and Grandma.

Both of my grandfathers were born in 1910. I was born in 1961. When I was born they were both 51 years old. I have two older siblings and some older cousins. So my grandparents became such when they were in their mid-40’s. Yes, I will be 60 years old this year, roughly 15 years older than they were. I worked for awhile with one of my grandpas when he was semi-retired. I was about 15 so he must have been about 65.

I don’t really have a point, just comparing.

I had the new sensation this week of passing things on. Now my kids are having their own kids. That somehow seems to be a big milestone.

I like children. My parents had 4. From us 4 we’ve produced 5 more. And from those 5 so far there are 2. (And there are some step children in there who fill things up and shouldn’t be forgotten.) All of my grandparents, from the early 1900’s, came from large families of 8-10 kids. The world has changed since then.

But I freely admit my preferences are nothing more than that. I liked my childhood with my 3 siblings.