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Roof Repair

[Today’s run: 4.3 miles]

After doing some calling around, trying to get some traction on a roof repair, and failing, last week I answered a Facebook Marketplace advertisement. A young guy came out and looked it over. And he came out and did most of the work on Friday. Today they finished up.

It turns out they are a couple of guys starting up their own construction company. They did a good job and I’m happy it is finished!

We have a two-story bay window-ish structure on the south side of the house. It has it’s own little round roof. That was showing signs of leakage.

When he tore off the old roofing on Friday he discovered the remains of a tin roof underneath. That was interesting.

They put on some new rubber roofing material and pinned it all down nicely. And they did some soffit repair. It looks really good now.