Went for a ride

[Thursday: 4.1 miles; Saturday: 6.1 miles @ MoS]

We had a good weekend. We had some guys working on our roof on Friday, for which I was very grateful.

Saturday we went for a run, went to the grocery store. Today we visited a new church, went out to eat and then went for a drive.

Our trip took us down US-52 on the west side of the Mississippi river. We crossed over into Illinois at Sabula. Then we went back north to Galena where we stopped for ice cream. And from there we came on home.

As we neared Sebula in far eastern Iowa the rural road signs got very interesting. This one says “558th Ave”. The highest number I saw was 609th Ave (Wait a minute.. here’s a house on on 615th Ave! in Sabula.) Ok, so I’m wondering where they started the numbering system. If there are 10 blocks to the mile, that would be 61.5 miles worth of avenues. That would put the origin near Anamosa, IA. I noticed that the roads going perpendicular were in the 50th-60th Street range.

Newflash! Google Maps shows me that 1st Ave is west of Monmouth, IA which is on the far west edge of Jackson County (also the home of Sabula), about 40 miles away. So the Jackson County government is responsible for this interesting numbering system.