other thoughts


[Yesterday: 4.3 miles]

The news was officially released this week that our daughter and son-in-law are expecting a son in January.

Of course the grandma-to-be is squealingly happy about it. I’m happy too but I don’t usually express it like that.

I was thinking about when I arrived on the scene. My grandfathers both would have been 51 the year I was born. I’m a bit behind that. But if I can keep exercising and working and learning new things maybe I can be there for graduations and possibly make it to “great” status, see a peek of the next round.

Most of this I have no control over, obviously, other than to stick around and try to keep body and mind in operable condition.

I like people having babies. I like the ones we have and I wish we could have had a few more. And now with the babies having babies, it’s like a multiplier. I get the fun and rejuvenation and someone else does all of the work.