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A wrench and a party

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[today’s run: about 7.5 miles  (walmart route to first water stop)]

On today’s run I had a good surprise and a bad surprise.  The bad surprise was when I showed up at the advertised time (6:00 AM) and everyone had already gone.  The regular summer time had been 5:30, but the text I received said 6:00.  Group texting is not reliable.  Someone probably responded with a correction but left me off of the list.

The good surprise was that I found a nice shiny 10mm wrench by the side of the road.

After the run, the next big event of the day was our Block Party.  My neighbor and I had been thinking about this for a couple of months.  I sent out invitations.  He did the cooking (BBQ).  And we had people there from almost every house on our street and from a couple of houses just slightly off of our street (who were relatives and wanted to  come).

His BBQ was pretty good stuff.  My home-made ice cream was a flop, it never froze (I think I should have hard-frozen some ice blocks instead of using the soft ice from the convenience store.  Whatever it was, I’ll have to practice to get it right before I assume it will work next time.) But!  someone else brought ice cream cups and I had a half-gallon as plan B.  And someone brought a cake!  So we had BBQ (ribs, chicken, hot-links, hot dogs, burgers), baked beans, cole slaw, chips, salsa,  fruit,  cake, ice cream … seems like I am missing something… we had lots of pop, water, sweet tea and some beer.  I think we must have had about 20 people there.

Aug 4, 2018
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