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[Today’s run: hills in Columbus, 3 miles]

I’ve been watching the supreme court nomination situation.  Bizarre. I saw an editorial yesterday about how the whole scene is a validation of world-view for the people who voted for Trump.

The other thing that has stood out to me is a parallel between abortion and gun control:  both issues have vehement proponents and both see their position as literally a struggle of life and death.  Both are also looking to the supreme court as the bastion of their case.  There are a significant number of people who think they _must_ be able to have a gun.  And a significant number of people who think they _must_ be able to have an abortion.  And there’s the killing part in parallel also: I should be able to kill someone to protect my life the way I have arranged it. (This abortion thought was in response to another editorial I read.  A woman confronted someone who had drunkenly assaulted her long ago.  The fellow apologized abjectly.  She forgave him, saying she will not expose him… but then she noted: if he were in a position to threaten abortion rights she would burn him with no compunction.)

And I’ve been working on trying to put my Audio VNA  (AVNA) project into an enclosure.

And I’ve been reading a book on PostgreSQL open source database system.

I feel some urgency to be busy finishing some projects and also try to get up to speed with some of the technology that has happened while I’ve been in my little backwater.

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Sep 26, 2018
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