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Revisiting some old projects

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[Today’s run: 3.4 miles]

My work on the Belar modulation monitor has led me into revisiting some projects from 2014.  At that time I built an arduino-controlled DDS using a AD9850 ebay-sourced board, and then another one using an Si5351 clock generator chip.

The AD9850 actually made it into a box.  But I never liked the rotary control on it or the way the software worked.  I pulled it down off the shelf the other day to feed the Belar in stead of a crystal.

I had a second AD9850 board and a second Arduino Nano in my parts box, so I thought I would put them together on a breadboard and see if I can improve the software and then update the boxed unit.  I have it up and running but haven’t tackled the software modifications yet.

I have two more unpopulated boards for the Si5351 signal source, and all of the parts needed to populate them.

I found the band-pass filter project that I had finished but never applied to anything.  It took me a lot of time to wind all of those toroid coils.  One of these days I need to make something useful from that.  With a signal source and band-pass filter I have about 25% of a ham radio receiver right there.

I’m supposed to be working on self-education and job hunt and instead I have gotten sidetracked into some fun projects.  I don’t know what to make of it.  I find I am cutting back on Facebook and Redit; I consider that part a win.



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Oct 31, 2018
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