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10-4 backdoor and wall to wall

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[Today’s run: rest day]

I receive a lot of email at my office’s email address.  I don’t even see most of it because the SPAM filters take out all of the weirdest stuff before it gets to me.

But I get some unsolicited stuff related to my work, which is more specific SPAM then the filters can figure out.

One I received today was from some organization I’ve never heard of.  It has something to do with tape backups and they want me to go to  their website and download a “whitepaper” about the subject.  The paper in question would undoubtedly tout some new product or service they are selling.  Going to the website would also tell them that my email address is a live person and that I showed interest in the topic.

But the sneakiest part was that they used the subject line and title:  “Pedal to the Medal: Accelerating Application Recovery.”  Application recovery is connected to backups and such.

The phrase “Pedal to the Medal” is definitely wrong.  And I almost found myself replying just to straighten them out.

The term is “pedal to the metal”, as in pushing the accelerator pedal down to the metal of the floorboard.  It comes from the trucker/CB lingo.  A driver going as fast as he possibly could go had the accelerator pedal “to the metal”.

Having written that up in a reply email, I decided: A) I don’t care enough about these people who spammed me that I should try to correct their bad usage and B) I even less want to have a business relationship with them and let them think I am interested in doing such.  So I deleted the reply and the spam and we can just forget all about it.

10-4 good buddy.

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Aug 23, 2012
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