TMI: Pooping Is Not Overrated

So, we’re going to discuss pooping OR not pooping. Whichever way you want to look at it.  This is going to be a very TMI blog and, IMO, a very gross, disgusting and hugely embarrassing blog.  Read at your own comfort level because I’m not going to sugar coat stuff.

To discuss all of this, we’re going to have to back track about 13 years ago to the days where I was 170lbs heavier than I am now AND to the days in my life that I try very hard to forget.  I was so sick during those horrible years and they’re coming back to bite me… literally in the butt.

I had a doctor in Colorado who was less than compassionate and put me on so many medications (when we moved to Mississippi, I was on 13 different meds and on Oxygen 24/7) that more meds were needed to counteract the side affects of the meds I was on.  It was a nasty spiral of medication.  ALL of the meds, aside from the side affect of weight gain also had the side affect of constipation.  I’m guessing you may already have a good idea where this blog is going to go?

Add 170 extra pounds and extreme constipation over quite a few years…

Having a bowel movement was next to impossible.


About 8 years ago, I noticed that, even though I had dropped the weight, I still had constipation as my constant #BFF.  I couldn’t shake it!

I added things like Metamucil and lots of fiber and water to my daily regime.

Didn’t help one bit.

Out of desperation, I added a laxative before a race to clean out the pipes, so to speak.

Seeing as I was training on the country roads in Mississippi, if I had any potty problems during a run, I could visit a bush without any problems.  During the winter time, I came home with just one glove on many runs because, well, running jiggles your innards!  That was a blessing and a curse.  I bought a lot of gloves!

About this time I chatted with my doctor about noticing a prolapse developing.  He blew me off.  That made me mad!  It was an embarrassing and humiliating thing for me to mention.  I mean, seriously!  Who discusses things like that!?!

Finally, after 2 years complaining to him about it, he had his nurse check and low and behold, I was right!  He put me on a medication (Linzess) to help using the bathroom easier.  I ditched the laxatives immediately.  They were ineffective by this time anyway.

The past 4~ish years I’ve been taking the Linzess.  At first I only had to take it every 2 days?  Now, I need it every day AND some days it works and some days it doesn’t.

Why is it hit and miss now?  Because the prolapse has become severe, that’s why.

For the past year, my life has revolved around my training, taking the meds and hopefully pooping.  EVERYTHING has been timed around those meds.  It’s ridiculous!!!

Let’s discuss exactly what a prolapse is for those who might not know?   Tell you what, I’ll post a generic pic and the link to an article instead of getting technical with you.

I have a complete prolapse:  “Complete prolapse. Part of the wall of the rectum slides down and sticks out from the anus. At first, this may occur only during a bowel movement. In later stages, the prolapse may happen when the person stands or walks. Or it may stay outside the body all the time.”

It is to the point now where it is interfering with my running.  I can no longer run hard without my insides coming out.  TOLD you this was gross!  Those parts of our body were not meant to be on the outside and when running 12+ hours like I did at Tunnel Hill with it doing what it does and rubbing against my running tights for a long time, it gets grumpy and bleeds and then gets even more grumpy.

Time to get this thing fixed!

That’s what we’re going to do this coming April and I’m soooo excited about getting it fixed!

The surgery itself is 4-5 hours with a 2-3 day hospital stay.  I’ll be having the robotic surgery with a mesh thingie (technical term), that will be attached to the rectum and hoisting everything back up where it belongs and being attached to the lining of the muscles of my back.

Twelve weeks no running.

I about died when I heard 12 weeks!!!

#SilverLining is I can walk all I want!  YAY!!!

I did the math and I’m pretty sure I need to defer my August 50k.  Sad panda about that but I don’t see me being 50k ready in a month?  I’ll be ready to go for whatever races my little heart desires come fall!

AND, I won’t have to worry about my insides falling out anymore!  My life won’t revolve around taking those meds and using the bathroom!


Y’all, pooping is NOT overrated!  I very seriously can’t remember the last time I pooped like a normal person.  It’s literally been years!

There’s so much to be excited about with this surgery!!!

On a side note, I now have the phone number for a sweet little orderly at the hospital named, Frank.

Yesterday, Frank walked me down the hall to the bathroom.  His job was to take me there and wait while I made my little problem happen in the bathroom (not hard to do because I spend a large majority of the time trying to keep it from happening).  When I was ready for the doctor to come see for herself, I was to text Frank and let him know I was ready.

I mean, how embarrassing is that!?!  I texted Frank and he replied, just as cheerful as could be, that he’d go fetch the Doc.

The Doctor came in and had me lean forward so she could take a peek and said, The whole thing comes out doesn’t it?  I’m like, Yup.

I guess I passed the test?  YAY, me.

This stuff is so very embarrassing and humiliating and I’ll be so glad to have it fixed.

On the fun side of this, Frank was a complete doll and I have his cell phone number.  LOL!!!

So, hopefully I didn’t completely gross y’all out.  I’m guessing I probably did and I apologize.

When this is done, I’m going to be totally burning up the road!  You know why???

Because, #IRun4Aiden!!!

3 thoughts on “TMI: Pooping Is Not Overrated

  1. An

    You are something else Melinda and I laud you and thank you for your openness ad for taking care of yourself. I have empathy because of my own resection of my small intestine after a DVT to that area snd always paying the price; just telling you so that you know i have true empathy. WE take what we have and go on and that’s just what you’re doing . You have such strong will.
    Please let me know if I can do anything from here melinda, snad saying my pryers for you, especially until then

  2. Raynell Swanson

    Thanks for sharing. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I had the opposite problem in spring. Had to get my tooth extracted and the antibiotics I took gave me cdiff infection. Pooping all the time while training for the big sur marathon. Either way 💩 happens

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