Aurora Borealis in Texas? *A race dream*

Aurora Borealis aka: Northern Lights


I don’t think you can see those in Texas?

Last night in my race dream, you could see them like crazy!!!

Yes, the race dreams are back.  Last year as I was preparing to run the 50 miler at Brazos Bend, I had a race dream about the course being through a corn maze.  There were snakes in the maze.  That was some dream!!!

Fortunately for me, the dream this year didn’t have snakes in it but you’d better buckle up because this is one weird dream!

I went to bed the night before the race having set the alarm on my cell phone. I slept well.  Too well!!!  When I woke up, I saw the Northern Lights going wild.  This was strange because it was 8:00am.


Oh Nooooo!!!  The race started at 6:00am!  I had missed the start!

I grabbed my phone and tried to find out the problem.  I pushed the button to see my home screen and it buzzed and sizzled. Then Siri told me that it wouldn’t work because the Northern Lights were interfering with it and I should just go enjoy the lights.

So, I grabbed my running gear.  I was slathering on my ChafeX and hopping around on one foot trying to get dressed.  I was mixing my Tailwind and stuffing the bladder into my hydration vest.



I found both Altra Running Timp (YAY, me! I think I would have lost my marbles if I would have had to look around for both shoes.)  but could only find one of the batteries to my headlamp.



I looked everywhere for my Garmin.  It was on my wrist. #duh.

Finally, I bolted out the door and looked for the race director.  I found him and explained my dilemma.  Bless his heart, he called everybody back to the start and began the race all over again!!!

*That last part lets you know this was genuinely a dream!!!

Soon I found myself trotting along with 900 other runners, dodging the alligators, thinking to myself, “This course looks a lot like the course to the Mississippi 50 Trail Run!”

Only 5 more days to race day!