Mississippi running

St Pauls Route

I went for a run late this afternoon, about 4 pm.  I’m trying to ramp up my miles a little bit, going from regular distance of 3-4 up to 5-6.  So today I went to the little St. Paul’s M.B. Church on Robinson road.  That works out to be just over 5 miles round trip.  Here is the map from Gmaps Pedometer (route 3760480).

One thing odd about this route is that it fools my sense of direction a bit.  I know that a lot of it is northward, but I can’t get it in my mind correctly that the church is also east of home by a substantial distance.  But my sense of direction has suffered many ignominies since my Boy Scout days.  For instance, I lived 10 years in a house in Estes Park, CO that, to the end, felt like the house faced east.  But it in fact faced almost due north.  And I could process that mentally but never could make my inner compass accept the facts.