Mississippi running

Watson Road

[Today’s Run: Watson Road 3.5 miles]

Watson road is gravel, dead end, just around the corner from my house.  This picture is at the turnaround getting started back toward home.  The last quarter mile is a single lane, basically just a driveway for the house at the end of the road.  You can see that we are well into spring.  Even the deciduous trees are coming along nicely. (Here is what it looked like three weeks ago.)

On the return journey today I happened upon some people trying to round up three wayward mules.  The mules were in the field when I passed but then must have jumped the fence soon after I went by.  By the time I came back the alarm had been raised and the mule owners were getting them back under control. I think they must have absconded just after I passed!

I wonder if the mules just wanted to accompany me on my run?  At any rate it seems that seeing me gave them a new hope for liberty and they made a break for it.

I took a picture of the roundup, but it was an offhand shot and what I got was the roadbed, and blurry too.  Sorry, no picture of the mules.