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Staying busy

[Today’s run: 3.24 miles Watson Road]

I probably could have worked on Friday, but I was happy to take the day off and just not worry about work. I’m planning to be back on schedule starting Monday.

So Friday I spent more time on the radio station server replacement. We had the new server running the show from Thursday around 5 pm.

On Friday morning I determined that the next-day log chaining had not given me the new server’s log for Friday but instead used the old server’s log for Friday. Somewhere in the upgrade from version veryOld to version Current they had changed the names of the logs. So the link in the log built on the old system still pointed to the next log built on the old system instead of the next log built on the new system. That caused some consternation. But I got that sorted out. Good to know.

But a bigger issue was that our start/end trimming of each “cut”, each little broadcast element (at a music radio station that would be each song), the trimming marks were being ignored. That’s not good.

By the end of the day I decided to go back to the old server, which we did just before 7 pm Friday.

Today I learned that the bug somehow came along in the recent versions. I may have to install something slightly older than the cutting edge version. We will wait awhile and see if they come up with a fix.

Today I ran in the morning then went into town for some auto parts, which I had to order.

I finished up the Eico HF-85 re-capping project and got it all buttoned up. (It is a tube-based stereo pre-amp and selector.)

I did some cleaning up in my office/work area.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I went to the shed place yesterday and ordered the portable shed. It will be 12′ x 16′ with a roll-up door on one end. The door is wide enough to drive the mower in. I want to make some sturdy shelves in there for all of the boxes of books and other stuff; clean out both the storage unit and the long-term boxed items in the garage. My plan is to then move the fiberglass boat into the garage and get started on patching it. Maybe by summer we can go rowing again.

The shed will take about three weeks to build. They fabricate them right at that site in Brooksville, south of here. Then they will deliver it and set it up.

Later today we watched some TV. We watched Hjerson at lunch, finished season one. (Detective Hjerson looks a lot like my younger brother.) In the evening we watched about half of the Fellowship of the Ring. We got Frodo to Rivendell and then decided it was time to go to bed.

I think I am pretty much over the bug, after 10 days now. I took another Covid test (Thursday? the days run together) and that one was also negative. My wife took one at the same time and her’s was positive again.

I’m not sure either of us should go to church so we may do the watch-from-home thing again. But I’ve been to the auto parts store and the grocery store today and I didn’t cough or have a fever or anything.

The car parts I bought are for the Aerostar. It is overfull of oil. But the oil does not smell like gas and it is not milk-shake like oil with water/coolant. So it either is just extra oil or it is getting transmission fluid in the oil.

I tried to take it on a very short drive and it didn’t want to shift. So I think it is transmission fluid. There is a vacuum connection between the intake manifold and the transmission modulation valve, and I read up on that a bit. They said that if the modulation valve goes bad it can start allowing transmission fluid to be sucked into the engine works. I think that is what is happening. So I bought oil for an oil change and the transmission modulation valve should arrive tomorrow. I’ll probably need to buy some transmission fluid also.