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Things on which to work

[1/16: 3 miles on treadmill; 1/18: 3 miles on treadmill; today: 5 miles Limerock Road]

We had a good week. Wednesday I worked from the P——- house over in Starkville most of the day and that worked out well. It was very peaceful.

Thursday evening we went to the Mississippi State Women’s Basketball game against Auburn, which they won. They had a pretty good game and lead the scoring for all but a brief period in the third quarter. When Auburn was on fast break, there for a little while, they were knocking down the points. But it didn’t last very long and MSU came back.

Today I went to a men’s Bible study breakfast instead of doing my Starkville running group thing. After that meeting I came home and did 5 miles (which was the best run I’ve had in quite awhile).

Then in the afternoon I worked on laying another 30″x15″ slab of quikcrete (2 bags). I’m filling in the grassy area in front of the house between the garage, the front porch and the entry walkway. That will get rid of a pesky plot of grass and give us a place for maybe a porch swing or some patio furniture. I decided that having a brickish pattern of slabs would break it up but not be as difficult as laying individual bricks (and fighting the grass in between) but be more interesting than just a big slab. So I am pouring these one at a time.

I also have some doric style pillars to put in which needed more base than what the front porch currently covers, so this is a way to get those to fit.

I would like to get back into ham radio. I’ve decided to work again on my WWVB receiver clock project and that takes me into software defined radio techniques which I do not currently know much about.

It has been two years since I worked on that and I don’t think my implementation was very good. Also I would like to decode the enhanced phase-shifting signal and see if that has better reliability (like they say it is supposed to have).

Also I would like to get some antennas put up, one for local VHF/UHF and one for HF.