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I seem to have wandered

[Sunday 8/15: 3 miles; Tuesday 8/17: 3 miles; Thursday 8/19: 3 miles; Saturday 8/21: 5 miles]

I actually have been running and walking quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, but a few times I didn’t wear my Garmin watch. I’m getting lazy and don’t post like I should.

We went to the Iowa State Fair on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st. We stayed in town overnight on Friday the 20th. Saturday after the fair we went up to see the “farm” and saw the incredible floating house. That was fun. After that we drove up to Ames and went by where our first home was after we were married. The old crusty mobile home lot is gone, replaced by some pretty up-scale houses. Definitely a better neighborhood now. Then we ate at Hickory Park before driving on home to Dubuque.

The weekend before that I went to a hamfest near Cedar Rapids with my old college roommate. We both sold a bunch of stuff.

This past week our son moved back to Mississippi. He had been working as a mail carrier and got an unsolicited call from a newspaper in Mississippi to go back to that profession. After checking out the situation he decided to give it another go. So this past week he drove down to find housing. On Labor Day weekend we will take a load of his stuff down to him along with his two pups.

I’ve been busy at work. We are focused on our demonstration day coming up in early October. I have some software projects to sort out.

I’m getting better at all of the tools and C++. And I am enjoying being a programmer. I don’t think I am amazingly good at it or blazing fast. But I can usually figure out what needs to be done.

Visiting the folks in Des Moines had me wondering if I really am doing the best thing, being this far away. My company has openings in that area that I could apply for. On the other hand, my wife is looking at another cold winter with her arthritis in feet. She would like to go back to Mississippi someday. The competing needs have me somewhat in deer-in-the-headlights mode, waiting to see what develops. I see almost no openings in Mississippi similar to what I’m doing. I do see some that are “remote/anywhere” openings that I could do.

But, can’t count my chickens before the hot potato gets dropped, I have a good job and there’s no telling if anything else is really an option.

I did some more work on the back porch. Yesterday I went and got some lumber from Lowes. Today I did some clean up and a bit of further demolition. Tomorrow I need to call the inspector to find out when in the operation he might want to inspect. When that is sorted out I need to prop up the roof, rebuild the walls and get it all buttoned up for winter.

I have mixed feelings about the Afghanistan situation, the pandemic, and politics in general. But I don’t really feel like talking about it.

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Get the folks to have hookups installed back by the tower and you can get a 5th wheel with push-outs and a job that is remote/anywhere and live, well, remote/anywhere. Or make your best deal for spot at the floating house. That’s summer. Winter in Mississippi with the same contraption. No property taxes and you can spend 6 months+1 day in the state that has best tax situation for you. (Birds for eons have migrated with the seasons.)

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