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Posted by w0ep on September 17, 2019 at 8:34 pm

[Today’s run: about 2.5 miles (to the bakery and back)]

The van refused to start at the end of the work day yesterday. I called AAA and they lined up a tow truck. And I sat for an hour or so with intermittent attempts. Then, it did start. I called AAA and canceled the tow.

Stopping by home first, we had our own two-car parade to the repair shop and dropped it off. I’m hoping it will be reliably faulty this time and give them some clues about what needs to be fixed.

Then we went to eat and shop for groceries. By the time we arrived home it was well after dark so I missed my Monday evening run.

This morning I got up in good order and got out the door before 5:30 AM. I had a nice run down S. Grandview to the bakery. I arrived home again after 27 minutes which brought into question my assumption that the route was 3 miles.

I did not take the dog because I wasn’t sure what the lighting situation would be. But I discovered they have center-island street lights all the way down that street. It will come in handy when we’re in the winter and the sun goes down at 4 PM.

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  • On September 18, 2019 at 8:06 am Jonathan Howard said

    Nobody likes to spend money but cars last longer these days so maybe invest in a practical Toyota new off the lot? One that lasts well into retirement. If you amortize the cost over 15 years then not so bad. Years ago I had a car that I loved to drive, but the little things started breaking, then the important things – when in traffic. Annoying and possibly dangerous and not trustworthy far from home. It only had 95K but was 19 years old so I sold it to a neighbor who works on the same make of car (and made a list of all the things wrong with it), I then bought a nice almost new car, and now I have no more of the “what is going to break next?” feeling. I still see the old car in the neighborhood – it’s the only car I had that was fun. Dark green Saab convertible with standard shift. (We got Mike an EV for his last birthday. That is fun to drive as it is zippy and can drive with one pedal. It drives like a go cart and is incredibly quiet inside. Mike never owned a new car so its his once in a lifetime car. If it lasts 15 years then $155/month for capital costs. $5/day. No oil changes.)

  • On September 21, 2019 at 7:56 am steve howard said

    You have a lot of will power if you can make a morning run to a bakery and avoid eating more than you burn off.

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