No Saturday Starkville run today

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Posted by w0ep on March 24, 2018 at 6:11 pm

[Today’s run: 6.7 miles in Columbus]

The regular running group in Starkville this morning was disbursed for travel and schedule conflicts, so I ran with the Columbus group that starts at Heritage Academy.  I’m still kind of over-stressed from the track work on Tuesday night, so I was forced to walk a fair bit.  But I put in 6.7 miles according to a google-maps calculator.

Starkville hosted their Pride parade today.  Which wouldn’t have been notable except for the attempt of the city council to shoot it down on first reading.  On the second time around it got in.  My attitude is pretty much the same as when we lived in Colorado and they had the Native American event on Columbus’ Day and had the pot smokers on April 20 (or whatever day that is):  Not my party.  Generally, it seems to me that groups which meet the criteria set by the city authorities should be able to have their parade.  Maybe there could be some cases where the potential for general unrest would derail such an event.  But this wasn’t that kind of case.

Our Saturday AM running group, I almost always run right down the middle of Main Street at 6 AM and again when we get done around 8 AM and I have never had a parade permit.  So I’m already getting my special treatment and can’t complain.

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