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Posted by w0ep on January 3, 2018 at 7:16 pm

[Today’s run: 3.5 miles]

Now that I’m back in my regular space I feel like I can start thinking about the soldering iron and doing some projects.

I was speaking to my father-in-law about his installation of our autonomous weather station, which is not working right now. I think when the weather warms up we may want to rebuild the thing. I have a better project box for it. And I think it could use a physical cleanup and look over.

My two TenTec ham radios are on the fritz. I enjoy using both of them and I’d like to get them back where I can do so. So they are on the project list.

My wife wants me to work on our floors. She has her eye on some concrete stain. The expense of new carpet or hardwood wasn’t looking too good. So this concrete stain may be an option. If it doesn’t pan out we can just cover it up with carpet or hardwood.

I have a lot of organizing to do.

The disk in my Windows 10 computer died. I have a backup on a usb-disk. But I would have to build something onto which I would apply the backup. So this all needs to be sorted out.

My 10 Mhz GPS disciplined frequency standard is on the fritz. I think the problem is the GPS antenna cable. I have an Ebay GPS antenna coming. I’m hoping that will fix it.

I still have some exterior construction to do on the transmitter shack. That will wait for warmer weather. And I’m concerned that the A/C unit is not large enough to do the job once summer comes. I need to keep an eye on that when we get back toward warm weather.

I’d like to build a VPN so that I can do radio station stuff from remote locations. I can do that with my current ham-radio laptop, or, I have a BeagleBone Black which isn’t doing anything…

I need to work on an FM antenna for the emergency broadcast system in the new transmitter shack. Our reception of one of the stations we monitor has degraded since we moved out there. I may be able to do some repositioning of the current indoor antenna this weekend to see if that helps. If that doesn’t help, then I need to find an external antenna I can mount on the tower.

Feedline…. I want to replace the transmitter feedline with a shorter piece of higher quality stuff. To do that involves some paperwork with the FCC. I’ll need to climb the tower when it happens. And I need some lightning arrestors to install at the same time.

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