Lake Loveland

[Yesterday: 5 miles around the perimeter of frozen Lake Loveland]

One of the features of front range Colorado is the abundance of lakes. These are water control reservoirs built over the years to store and manage the water supply coming down out of the mountains.

Lake Loveland is surrounded by residential areas for the most part. But US-34 makes the southern shore including the spillway structure. We ran the sidewalk/bike trail along US-34 then went up the west side of the lake. On the north end is a park and beach area. Then the east side is all residential.

During our trip down the east side we saw about half a dozen City of Loveland police cars go by, the first one had lights blinking but no siren. I don’t know what was going on but they were all excited about something.

The water level in these reservoirs goes up and down and right now the level of Lake Loveland is low. We took one foray down to the ice from the beach/north side. I found a golf ball in the sand. There were lots of footprints in the frozen sand and mud.