other thoughts


[Monday: 2 miles on treadmill; today: 2.5 miles/31 minutes on treadmill]

When I started working on my radio station project I took a week off from work and attended a class on radio engineering at the Birmingham, Alabama office of the Alabama Broadcasters Association. I eventually ended up gaining my certification as a radio broadcast engineer from the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE).

My 5 year certification comes to an end in January. I would be inclined to renew if it were just a matter of paying dues and moving along. But it is not. I was supposed to be accumulating educational credits and such, which I didn’t really put much effort into. So here I am at the 11th hour and I don’t think it is going to happen.

I could watch some online courses (for $$ of course). Or I could see if there will be another test session I could attend. If I still lived in Mississippi I would gladly take a refresher course in Birmingham.

But my new job is a bit of a pinch in the vacation department. The factory winter shutdown will wipe out what little time off I have accumulated. So I will probably just let it lapse.

I had some hopes at the time that broadcast engineering might be my second career. Unfortunately it soon became obvious that radio broadcast engineers don’t make very much money.

I’m glad I took the classes and obtained the certification.