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Getting behind

[10 miles assorted, see below]

This is just what I was afraid of: I’ve gotten so far behind on my blog that I’m going to have to ponder a while to remember which days I ran and how far.

My last post was Monday Nov 25th. I don’t think I ran on Wednesday.

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day and I spent it driving in the old Ford van. We went down to Mississippi to visit and to work on the A/C issue and other things at the radio station. Our drive ended in Fulton, MS because all of the hotels near Columbus/Starkville were booked up due to the annual football contest between MS State and Old Miss. (Which MS State won, and the Old Miss coach subsequently lost his job. Good solid SEC football traditions.)

Friday I worked at the radio station shack. I replaced the A/C unit. I swept all of the dead bugs out. I installed the remote controlled power switch and the 8TB disk array. I also visited with our renter and the neighbors a bit. We had dinner at Oby’s with our Son. And I had a too-brief visit with the in-laws.

Saturday I ran with Dana and Maisie. Dana was the only person available of the regular Starkville Saturday AM running crew. Maisie is her running dog. We did 5 miles to the Rose Garden. Later we stopped in at our storage unit and loaded the van with stuff that hadn’t made the move with us last summer. In the afternoon we drove to Jackson, MS for a pizza dinner with the MS Coffee Runners facebook friends. We spent the night in Jackson.

Sunday we were in the van all day. Sunday was also the FCC required day for transmitting the first of our pre-relicensing on-air announcements. I listened to the morning time window and didn’t hear them. So we stopped a couple of times for me to fire up the laptop and see why they weren’t playing as scheduled. I got that sorted out after two tries and we heard the afternoon announcements OK. So we fulfilled our obligations in that regard. We finally arrived home after 9 pm (had started just before 6 am).

Monday was back to work, and 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

Tuesday: work

Wednesday, yesterday: work, then 2.5 miles on the treadmill again.

OK, I think I am caught up now.