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Happy Memorial Day

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[Saturday: 6 in Starkville; Today: 6 in Columbus]

It has been a good Memorial Day. We got up around 6 and got ourselves prepared for a Memorial Day run with the group of runners in Columbus.

After arriving home we prepared for a day of fishing and boating with our Son at Choctaw Lake south of Ackerman, MS.

My neighbor saw me wrestling the boat up to the ladder rack on the top of the van and rushed over to help. He and I have been talking about his lawn mower which started giving him some problems.

But we got the boat secured, got the oars and life preservers, fishing pole, net, tackle box, everything loaded up. We also loaded up some food for a picnic lunch. And off we went to the lake.

We learned that fishing was out. They had restocked the lake and were waiting for the fish to grow. But we had a very nice picnic. Son had also purchased some food and his was mo’ better than ours! And then we paddled the boat around along with Son’s new kayak (which I got to try out too!)

The park ranger stopped by while we were eating and pointed out to us a snake in the water. He said it was a water moccasin. So that was pretty cool. We wondered if the people at the swimming area down the shore a little bit had seen the snake (it was coming from their general direction).

It was a good day.

I had indulged myself in pointless internet commentary on Sunday. I read an article on The Atlantic website, a “liberal” Church of Christ minister was interviewed because she is pro-abortion. She is quoted as saying that she couldn’t think of any context in which it is immoral to have an abortion. She seems to base that on the fact that humans have moral-agency. So she seems to conclude that the choices a woman makes using her God-given moral-agency must be OK.

So I looked her up in Google and sent a note on the comment form of her blog. I was nice, honest. I pointed out things like the 10 Commandments which seem to imply that God wants humans to follow some limits in the exercise of their free will. Today I see that her comment form is no longer available.

And Google also shows me today a twitter tweet of hers where she points out that “all” the people reacting to her are male.

First of all, I don’t believe that generality. Second, for someone who is so in tuned with people’s needs and feelings, to judge and condemn everyone who has a poor reaction to an absolutist position is myopic on her part. With a little imagination she could probably put herself into the shoes of men who have literally no say in abortion, neither of their children, nor of themselves for that matter. People can react in an unfriendly way when you applaud the folks who want to kill them, or kill their future.

And, of course I think her position is logically and theologically unsound. Would she allow the virgin Mary to have an abortion? I’d love to ask her how far down that bottomless hole she is willing to go. But she no longer accepts comments.

May 27, 2019
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