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Last run for 2018 (yesterday)

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[Yesterday’s run: Watson Road 3.4 miles]

I have today off from work. I’m mostly just resting so far. I got caught up in reviewing my blog posts in 2018. We did more in 2018 than I had remembered.

In the spring I bought a pickup truck and we parted it out and took the remains to the scrap yard.

For the radio station I finished up the transmitter shed, built a monitoring box, changed out feedline, tackled overheating (eventually dismounted and cleaned out the A/C unit). I have the monitoring box sending me a daily email graph of the in/out temperature figures on the transmitter which has turned out to be very instructive. (Reviewing my plans for the monitoring box, I’m reminded I wanted to monitor the UPS and also dead air.)

I did some driving for Uber. But that kind of dried up. Now there are quite a few Uber drivers in town and I’m too far away to participate. To make money from Uber you either need a busy focus point or you need to live in the midst of the action and do other stuff while you wait for calls.

We had our vacation in 2018 which I mentioned in the last post. And I went to Colorado for business in January and in September. We went to TN and TX for races.

I hit a deer with my pickup truck and have almost hit one other, maybe more, it is hard to remember the near misses. The one I do remember was the one who took a spectacular leap over the front of our car.

I think the next project-y thing I need to work on is piling up some of my sale items for the hamfest in Jackson, MS on the 19th of January.

And I have a new lightning arrestor coming in the mail for the radio station. It will allow me to mount the thing on the inside of the building (duh!) which means fewer feedline joints have to be taped up and waterproof.

A sample of my daily temperature plot. Can you see where I improved
the transmitter output SWR?

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Jan 1, 2019
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