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Mr. Protocol

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[Today’s run: 3.4 miles]

I needed a new calendar for 2019. I have a collection of old calendars from my working-at-the-office days, so I looked up on the net which year in recent history has the same date layout as 2019. One answer was 2002, and I happen to have a nice Iowa DNR calendar from 2002. Calendar problem solved!

I also found some other trinkets from my working-at-the-office days including some old issues of SunExpert Magazine from the mid-1990’s.

I never really considered myself a Sun expert, but I’ve used a few Sun systems over the years. I had a Sun 3/60 “pizza box” on my desk at SPSS. And at one time I owned a Sun 386i (Roadrunner) for home use. They had a lot of Sun equipment at Intellistor/Fujitsu when I worked there.

SunExpert was a trade magazine that I could get by filling out a survey form for a free subscription.

I always enjoyed the column “Ask Mr. Protocol” in each month’s edition.

So finding these copies I decided to scan the “Ask Mr. Protocol” columns for my personal perusal at some time in the future. Unfortunately I don’t have anything older than 1995 and my collection is spotty. There is also this collection covering 1997-2001.

SunExpert eventually merged with some other system-specific magazines I think. You’ll notice that the later “Ask Mr. Protocol” columns in that larger collection are labeled ‘SW Expert’. I don’t know what the SW was supposed to stand for.

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Jan 2, 2019
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