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Not the way it is supposed to work

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[Yesterday: 4+ miles with hills in Columbus]

I was doing some scanner listening in 2012 when I happened upon a faulty amateur repeater in West Point, MS which was tripping it’s ID sender over and over. I copied the ID and looked the guy up. He said he moved away years ago and had no connection to that repeater any more.

I wrote up a blog post about it at the time.

Recently I received an email from that ham. He asked me to remove his call sign from my blog post because people would see that when they googled his call sign. He didn’t think it reflected well on him. Can’t argue with that. So I removed his call sign from the blog post today.

I just keyed up the repeater moments ago. It is still using his callsign as an ID now, in 2019, 6+ years after the blog post and supposedly over a decade since that guy moved away.

The reason to have a repeater send out an ID is so that people know who to contact if something goes wrong with it. Sending out a phony ID is a bad thing. Repeaters are supposed to have owners. I’m going to see if I can follow the online breadcrumbs again to figure out who is in charge, if anybody, and get the ID reprogrammed.

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Jan 6, 2019
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