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Weather has turned

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[Saturday: 5.5 miles; Monday: 5 miles]

I had Monday off for Veteran’s Day and I was planning to do some tower work.  But the forecast said “100% chance of rain”, and sure enough it rained.  So I went for a soggy run and then stayed around the house working on my current project.

I’m trying to integrate a digital signal source with a SS-40 QRP radio.  I think I have the receiver worked out, or pretty close. But the transmitter part is not working.  I wrestled with it for quite awhile and eventually decided to order some parts and swap some things out.  In a week or two I’ll have the parts and we shall see if that works.

I really like the receiver of the SS-40.  I want to use it on my Tuesday evening QRP fox hunts.  But it doesn’t have the capability of doing split or RIT… which means you must transmit on the same frequency you receive on.  The fox hunts operate with a split, so that the “hounds” are calling on a different frequency than the “fox”.

With the DDS, I can make the TX and the RX completely independent.  I will have to work out how I want that user interface to go.

Also I will need to find a different box to put it in.

This evening it is snowing.


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Nov 14, 2018
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